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thWe offer you, if required, the development of an entire conclusive concept for all acoustic aspects of your project.
Whether you are searching for a professional partner for musical guidance, or an experienced team of capable composers and musicians for the complete realization of music and sound for your project, you have come to exactly the right place.


From orchestral scores up to sweeping techno tracks.
If you look for an experienced partner who is able to translate the core of your work into music, we offer you long years of experience in the art of composition and arrangements of a big range of styles.

Music and SFX production

Having the right idea at the right time is being already half way there.
In a time of rapidly changing production possibilities and technologies, the professional realization in an environment of modern technology is more important than ever.
A digital production environment at the latest state of the art and a long experience with recording, sound synthesis and multitrack mixing will bring your ideas to life.

Services of Post-Production

Mastering is usually considered the "cherry of the cake" of good music production.
We regard it as a fundamental element of the production process.
The sound of the finished mix is refined and optimized for its intended application.

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